Sunday School

Our goal is to conduct a safe and well-organised teaching programme that consistently and positively presents the gospel in an age-appropriate manner. We aim to support children at every stage of their development, helping them understand God and His guidance in their lives through Bible stories and illustrations.

Youth Ministry

Our mission is to equip young people with Christian character values to overcome the challenges of youth life and prepare them for a successful future. We encourage our youth to live visibly for Jesus, making a positive impact in their educational institutions and communities.


Worship is an integral part of our church life, fostering a deep sense of community and connection with God. Our worship team prayerfully leads the worship in an effective manner, ensuring that every service is spiritually enriching and engaging. They carefully select songs that resonate with the congregation, creating an atmosphere where everyone can participate and feel encouraged. Through music, prayer, and scripture, our worship team helps guide us in expressing our faith and devotion, making each service a meaningful experience.

Men’s Ministry

We have a group of passionate men who want to be equipped to become Christ-centered leaders in their homes and communities. Shalom Church provides encouragement and opportunities to grow their God-given talents and become men of prayer and integrity. Through our men’s ministry, we offer a supportive environment where men can deepen their faith, build meaningful relationships, and develop the skills necessary for spiritual leadership.

Women’s Ministry

Our women play an important role in the church. They are women of prayer and role models in the church and community. Our women’s ministry emphasises discipleship, support, and empowerment, encouraging women to become leaders and role models in their homes, church and beyond. Through Bible studies, prayer groups, and outreach programmes, our women are making a profound impact, embodying the love and grace of Christ in all they do.


At Shalom Church, evangelism is a cornerstone of our mission, reflecting our commitment to spreading the Gospel and sharing the love of Christ with others. We believe that every member of our church has a role to play in this vital ministry. Our approach to evangelism is multifaceted, ensuring that everyone can find a way to participate and contribute meaningfully. We started a new outreach ministry in Masterton with a focus on wider Wairarapa region.

Prayer Ministry

Shalom Church is a house of prayer. We believe we are here due to the grace of God, and we are depending on Him for our existence and growth. Through prayer, we seek to deepen our relationship with God, align our will with His, and intercede for our community and the world. Our church offers various opportunities for both collective and individual prayer, such as chain prayer, fasting prayer, and occasional all-night prayers.

Hospitality Ministry

One of the hallmarks of Shalom Church is our hospitality. Our dedicated hospitality team ensures everyone feels welcome and at home through their attentive service. They greet newcomers with warmth, assist with any needs during services, and organize fellowship events that foster a sense of community. By creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, our hospitality team helps to make Shalom Church a place where all can experience the love and grace of God.

Kid’s church

Our Kids’ Church is a source of encouragement for our Sunday school children. They run their own church service before our main service on Sundays, providing them with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and encourage each other. This dedicated time allows them to engage with their faith in a meaningful way, fostering a sense of responsibility and community among the young participants.